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Meta’s Back! Pt. 3

Take a look back at my trips to Rome and the Amalfi Coast for a little background, but in this edition of Meta’s BACK!, it’s all about Madrid. Near and dear to my heart, smack in the middle of Spain.

Rewind a little over a decade, and you’ll see a young, sweet, naiive little Meta on her first European adventure as an “adult” in Madrid (cough, I turned 18 there). It was a trip that opened my eyes to historic cities, culture, really delicious cured meats, siesta, and late-night dinners. Since then, I always had a huge regret that I didn’t get a tattoo of a bull to commemorate this trip. But I was so young, and I would’ve made a terrible artistic decision and paid some rando tattoo shop to put a cartoon-y bull on my body. True life: thank god I didn’t do that.

But now I’m smarter, I’ve gotten inked a couple times, and I know enough to do the damn research. Long story short, I got my bull tat. It’s classy AF, OK MOM?!

Also got to eat all the tapas, see some bad ass flamenco dancing, and got a proper cold just in time to come home. All in a days work.

Now that my wedding and h-moon are over, I’m pretty stoked to be back to a normal routine. Eating proper breakfast and reintroducing all the processed crap America has to offer.

Also, I bake bread now, to eat with my fancy Italian olive oil.

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