F Those Disaster Scammers!
In light of recent tornados in Nebraska, many individuals and organizations will offer services to help those affected. Unfortunately, scam companies may use this opportunity to prey on those in need. 

Keep in mind that the following scenarios may happen in Nebraska:

  • Disaster relief scams: Scammers will strike after disasters, particularly when they know relief funds are coming in. They may impersonate NEMA, FEMA, insurance/warranty companies, lenders, or other relief entities as part of the scam. Staying vigilant when contacted is essential. Check the name, phone, email, address, or account of someone reaching out. When in doubt, hang up and contact the agency directly. Never send money except through verified channels.
  • Rebuilding & repair: Good contractors and builders can quickly become busy when demand goes up. Vetting contractors is critical for those affected by tornados. Ask family, friends, or contractors with good reputations for referrals. Look for pictures of real jobs and verified reviews/testimonials. Get everything in writing. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Insurance & warranty claims: Consumers should carefully read their relevant insurance and warranty policies. Understanding the scope and details of their coverage will help consumers better navigate the claims processes. For more significant claims, such as home reconstruction, consumers may want to get a price quote to better understand the costs of repair and restoration.

If you see signs of a disaster relief scam in Nebraska, report it to the Consumer Affairs Response Team at 402-471-2682. Our team can help shut down scams and go after those who seek to capitalize on a disaster in any unlawful manner. 

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