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Meta’s Back! Pt. 2

If you’re following along for my epic honeymoon adventures, you know that I’ve been gone for a few weeks after tying the knot. See about my time in Rome here!

After our weekend in Rome, we really needed to relax. We planned so that we’d be going going going and then come to a screaching halt for some much needed relaxing on the Amalfi Coast.

The train from Rome to Naples was easy enough, and then it was a 21 mile car ride to the small coast town of Praiano. Now… 21 miles may not seem like a long distance, but with the winding turns of Europoean coastline, this was about 2 hours of harrowing, terrifying, close proximity, near death experiences in a car. I recommend the water taxi route.

But it was totally worth it for this view.

We spent our mornings at the breakfast buffet overlooking the Tyrrhenian. One morning we even got to witness a crazy thunderstorm where the boat skippers were rushing to each boat in the harbor to make sure it wasn’t flooding or about to get carried away.

We ate clams by the sea, went on a boat ride to Capri (where everything is too expensive to even look at), took long naps before our 4 course dinners and drank a bottle of wine nightly.

We basically never left the premises except for the Capri trip, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Next stop, Madrid!

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