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    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Local Bandwidth

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Local Bandwidth
All Local – All Hour!

Now from 7pm to 9pm every Sunday!

If you are in a local band playing original rock music, send us a CD (Local Bandwidth c/o KIBZ 3800 Cornhusker Hwy, Lincoln, NE 68504) or high quality mp3 or wav files via email for a chance to be on the show!

Contact [email protected]
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Local Bandwidth June 16th
The Hooligan Gentlemen – Hooligans
Steel & Silver – Can’t Take It
Head Change – Searching
The World Without Us – The Forevergreen
Twisted Chrome – Red Asphalt
Paisty Jenny – One Love
The Hanyaks – Lime Green World
Gravekey – Burning Bridges
Audation – City
As Tides Rise – Losing Myself
Fall Break – Shame
No Drinking On Grounds – Come Get Me
Bombs Blast – D.O.A.
Big World – Sleep
Rival Within – Jane Arcane
Hookt – All Systems Go
Between Monsters & Mercy – Unified Kill Theory
Iron Zephyr – You’re Beautiful
Arcade Radio – Here I Remain
The Midnight Devils – Pink Halo
Dr. Ew – Fast Track to Nowhere

Local Bandwidth June 9th
Freakabout – Predator
Chasing Chance – Amateur Night
Mindrott – Drop Dead Media
I Am The Pendragon – The Flood
Iced Wrist – Journey To Oblivion
Head Change – Searching
Cheap Porno Flick – Aliens
Happy Hazard – Try Some Wrong
Wild Roses – Playin’ With Fire
Dullparty – Flytrap
Mad Dog and the 20/20s – My House Ghost
Public Figure – Hollywood
Aage Birch – Death of You
Alli & I – 13 Days
Evil Shadows – Stage
Molten – Oathbreaker
River City Rejects – Work
The Killigans – One Angry Voice
The Impulsive – Fade
Braskan – Flies to Honey
Andy Traveler – Crazy

Local Bandwidth June 2nd
Beast Eagle – Heavy Bones
Public Figure – Hollywood
Alyeska – Caution
Hookt – All Systems Go
FAHR – Shellshock
Mindrott – Drop Dead Media
Pearl Parade – False Witness
Flux Amuck – Reptilian Sun
Dullparty – Flytrap
Iron Zephyr – You’re Beautiful
Guilt Vacation – The Good Life
Hold Your Breath – Penelope
Turquoise – Absinthe
Thirst Things First – Equal to or Greater Than
Blondo – Everyone’s Favorite Crazy Uncle
Cheap Porno Flick – Aliens
Wasted Witch – Naive
The Zooeys – Faeries
All Knowing McGill – The Natural
Anthony Brossart – Extraneous
Brave the Fall – Lost in Deceit