Firehouse was one of the most important bands in my life. They played at Guitars and Cadillacs June 30, 1999. Why is this a big deal and why would I remember the date? That night was the last night I drank. I had way to many Crown and Cokes that night. I was still hurting from a recent break up and completely over being here.

Once I got my drunk ass home, I exploded and tore my bedroom, the kitchen and living room up in a fit of complete rage! That wasn’t the end of it. I had a revolver in my room and put it to my head because, as I said, I was over being here any longer.

I tried to pull the trigger but the gun wouldn’t fire. It was almost like someone had a finger between the hammer and the firing pin.

Thank GOD that happened! I put the gun down and decided my biggest problem was I was an alcoholic trying to kill the pain of what was going on in my life. That day was the last day I had any alcohol.  It was a major wake up for me and I’m happy it went down the way it did. It took a lot of years of working thru things to find peace. It’s still a daily struggle but it’s better than being dead. Thank you Firehouse.

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