Apparently not everyone in System of a Down is down with “Prison Song”-quoting graffiti.

As previously reported, System posted a video showing the side of a highway spray-painted with the line, “I buy my crack, my smack, my b**** right here in Hollywood.” That particular lyric is meant to highlight the hypocrisy of mass incarceration in America, which the song protests.

In the caption, System wrote, “We approve this message.” However, they later added in the post’s comments, “Well we approve… except [drummer John Dolmayan].”

Dolmayan, who’s made headlines in recent years for his conservative political views, replied, “Yeah, graffiti is wrong. Unless it’s at [bassist Shavo Odadjian‘s] house!”

“Prison Song” appears on SOAD’s 2001 album, Toxicity, which also includes the single “Chop Suey!” and “Aerials.”

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