Over this last weekend, my family took our annual Royals of Fun trip where we all meet in Kansas City and go to Worlds of Fun/Oceans of Fun and a Royals baseball game. We all look forward to this trip every year, and our family seems to get bigger and bigger every year! This year, we had 31 people come with us!

Everyone in the family loves making the trip to KC to spend time together and have fun and it never gets old! It started long before I was born and we’ve gone every single year.

This year, we couldn’t swing getting tickets for the game on Friday, so we all decided that we would do our own thing on Friday night. My fiance and I decided to go out for dinner at Jack Stack Barbecue (the best in KC) and we both got their delicious prime rib before heading to the movie theater to see the new Toy Story movie.

On Saturday, we all went to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun and rode the Viking Voyager boat ride all together for our first ride at the park, as is tradition. After riding a few others, including the Patriot rollercoaster, my fiance and I made our way over to Oceans of Fun and spent some time with my cousin’s stepdaughter and had a blast riding the slides and relaxing on the Lazy River. After a while, my fiance and I decided to hit the adult pool with my sister and her fiance. We had a few drinks and some laughs while we questioned if the weather was going to force us to go back to the hotel, and luckily, we made it out of the park right before the storm hit.

Then on Sunday, all 31 of us headed to Kauffman Stadium to see the Royals play against the Minnesota Twins for the Royals’ annual Salute to the Negro Leagues game that honors the Kansas City Monarchs – the early baseball team that consisted purely of black baseball players before the merger of white and black baseball. I was really happy to see the Royals get a win while we were there because they haven’t had the best season so far. Again, we were questioning if the weather would permit us to continue on with the game, but we got lucky again and were able to stay for the entirety of the game.

It was such a fun weekend and it’s always so nice to have everyone together for some fun!

Our lineup includes:

  • Karin – my grandma and coordinator of the trip
  • Cori – my eldest aunt
  • Kent – Cori’s husband
  • Cari – Cori and Kent’s eldest daughter
  • Ben – Cari’s husband
  • Charlotte – Cari and Ben’s eldest daughter
  • Clive – Cari and Ben’s son
  • Penelope – Cari and Ben’s youngest daughter
  • Sami – Ben’s sister
  • Danielle – Cori and Kent’s middle daughter
  • David – Danielle’s husband
  • Corbin – Danielle and David’s son
  • Elizabeth – Danielle and David’s daughter
  • Nicki – Cori and Kent’s youngest daughter
  • Katrena – Nicki’s stepdaughter
  • Sophie – Nicki’s eldest daughter
  • Violet – Nicki’s youngest daughter
  • Chris – my dad
  • Robyn – my mom
  • Will – my brother
  • Tori – Will’s girlfriend
  • Me
  • Trista – my fiance
  • Erin – my sister
  • Kyle – Erin’s fiance
  • Caci – my youngest aunt
  • Matt – Caci’s husband
  • Barrett – Caci and Matt’s eldest son
  • Chloe – Caci and Matt’s daughter
  • Carson – Caci and Matt’s middle son
  • Wyatt – Caci and Matt’s youngest son

I’m already excited for next year’s Royals of Fun trip!

Thanks for reading! Much love,

Brady \m/ (>.<) \m/

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