Police Plan Labor Day Traffic Safety Campaign

Lincoln, NE (August 18, 2021) The Labor Day weekend traditionally marks the end of the summer travel season and the beginning of  fall. Holiday weekends also represent some of the deadliest times of year on America’s roads for  impaired driving. A number of people will include alcohol in their activities and make the decision to drive impaired.

To have an impact on the issue, and to coincide with the nationwide “Drive Sober or Get Pulled  Over” campaign, the Lincoln Police Department will be conducting specialized enforcement from August  20, through September 6. Increased enforcement for the project is funded by the Nebraska  Office of Highway Safety (NOHS).  

Throughout Lincoln, extra officers will be conducting high visibility traffic enforcement, hoping to deter impaired  driving. Officers will take a zero tolerance approach to drivers under the influence of alcohol and/or  drugs. They will also be alert for other traffic and safety violations.  

In 2020 Lincoln police officers investigated 7,087 traffic accidents, 1,425 which resulted in injury and 9 accidents which resulted in death. Officers also arrested 825 drivers for driving under the influence. 

A statement from Police announcing the campaign said “Driving after drinking is a choice. Choose to do the right thing and the safe thing: find alternate  transportation, use a designated driver, or don’t consume any amount of alcohol if you intend to or need  to drive. Because if You Drink & Drive, You Lose. “