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While growing up in the 80’s I was overwhelmed with the number of bands that I loved listening too. Most of those bands were from LA and the Sunset Strip. There were however a few bands in the pop world that I also fell in love with. Just a few of them  I still listen to today. Two of my favorites were INXS and Duran Duran.  Although my musical tastes have changed a bit from the 80’s, I still return to the bands I grew up with on a regular basis.

To be the perfect band, in my opinion, you have to have a frontman that can pull off the energy needed to keep the audience paying attention. INXS was def one of them. Michael Hutchence had everything a fan would want or need.

There hasn’t been a lot of books or documentaries about the band or Michael. If there were, I read it or watched it. We’ll get a new documentary about INXS and Michael very soon. I’ve watched the trailer and it looks like it will cover all aspects of his life with the band and his personal life.

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