The Community Health Endowment of Lincoln, YMCA of Lincoln, and CHI Health St. Elizabeth are partnering to sponsor a citywide kindness initiative, Live Kind LNK. The initiative, which will encourage acts of kindness, sportsmanship, and good deeds, will begin on Saturday, April 27th and continue through Saturday, May 4th.

“We know that showing kindness has real health benefits like lowering your blood pressure and increasing your energy,” said Lori Seibel, President/CEO of the Community Health Endowment. “And when other people see you being kind, they are more likely to be kind. We want Live Kind LNK to start that kind of chain reaction in our community.”

During the week-long event, reminders for people to be kind will be distributed in various ways. Information sheets, bookmarks and stickers for Live Kind LNK can be picked up at any Lincoln Library, Lincoln YMCA, Aging Partners senior center, or the Community Health Endowment, 250 North 21st Street. Posts and videos of prominent Lincolnites giving tips on how to add kindness to our lives will be shared on sponsor social media channels using the hashtag, #LiveKindLNK. In addition, many distribution facilities will encourage patrons to show their commitment to kindness with displays throughout their buildings.

“Live Kind LNK is a way for all of us to remember that we can always use a little more kindness in our lives,” commented Barb Bettin, President/CEO for the YMCA of Lincoln. “It may seem like a simple principle, but it never hurts to remind each other that kindness matters. We hope people will participate and use some of these tips to reflect on ways in which we can treat others with respect and understanding in our lives each day.”

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