Headed back on hiatus

As you may or may not know, your girl just had twins. Yes. Two babies. They are pretty cool kids, that’s for sure. But… they are a freakin handful. Not to mention they’ve got some health issues that requires me to spend a full-time-job’s-worth amount of time at doc appointments, surgeries, etc.

So, I’m headed back on hiatus until at least the first of the year. I hate to miss out on all things Blaze, but I am confident that the army will be left in the capable hands of Animal, Sparkles (yes, go ahead and call him that next time you see him) and Nate Nation.

Positive vibes, prayers, good spells or whatever you like to send my (and my boys’) way is appreciated, but don’t give me any sad eyes or pity… that s*** I don’t need.

Life is good, but difficult. Until we meet again <3