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City Council Approves of Gun Storage Ordinance

LINCOLN–(KFOR Oct. 29)–Lincoln City Councilman Roy Christensen’s gun storage ordinance gets unanimous approval from the Council on Monday night.  It allows you to keep your firearms in your vehicle, as long as it’s completely locked up and the gun is out of sight.

There are exceptions, too.

“Officers of the law, as well as people on active duty or the guard or reserve, when they are in training or, basically, fulfilling their responsibilities, they are exempted from this,” Christensen said. “But otherwise they are not exempted from this.”

Christensen’s ordinance requires a gun in a pickup to be stored in a metal container attached to the pickup.

Christensen initially proposed requirements that guns be stored in a locked glove box, trunk or hardened case, but removed that language because it proved impractical for transporting long guns.

Christensen says the changes remove some of the temptation for thieves to break into cars, while remaining practical.

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