(KFOR NEWS  May 29, 2019)  Lincoln City Council Chair, Jane Raybould, announced 23 residents have applied to fill the at-large City Council seat vacated when former Council member, Leirion Gaylor Baird, was sworn in as Mayor.

The applicants are:

  • Tom Beckius
  • Margaret Buck
  • Adam Downs
  • Aaron Farber
  • Marcy Ganow
  • Tyler Goodrich
  • Cathy Maestas Graham
  • Romeo Guerra
  • Leonard Hernoud II
  • Violet Spader Kirk
  • Megan Mikolajczyk
  • Genelle Moore
  • Rick Peo
  • Steve Reichenbach
  • Michael E. Reinmiller
  • Stacie Sinclair
  • Megan Stock
  • Sandra Washington
  • Jeffrey Wienke
  • Kenneth Winston
  • Holly Woolsey
  • Chris Zabel
  • Aurang Zeb

Council members will review the applications and select qualified finalists, who may be interviewed individually.  On Monday, June 3, the City Council will vote on the new at-large City Council representative.  If none of the nominated finalists receives four yes votes, the vote will be rescheduled for a future date.

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