Lincoln Postmaster Kerry Kowalski announced late Tuesday that all pickup and delivery by mail carriers will be suspended Wednesday because of the expected cold weather and dangerous wind chills.

“The Postal Service has decided, due to the bitterly cold wind chills, that are forecast for tomorrow, (Wednesday) that there’ll be no delivery or collection of the mail in Lincoln and in much of Eastern  Nebraska.”

Kowalski says delivery and pickup are being suspended for all the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa as well as Eastern Nebraska because of the dangerous wind chills expected, but you’ll still be able to do postal business.

“We will still have retail service and post office box service so people will be able to mail as normal if they choose to, and pick up their post office box mail as normal.”

Premium services will also be delivered.  Overnight Express Mail letters and packages will be delivered.  Only the carrier services will be suspended.

“Everything will be normal in terms of our retail units and post office box service.  There’ll just be no home delivery or pickup of mail, or collection from the collection boxes.”

Kowalski added that all postal employees are to report to work as normal,  but some temporary workers will not be called in.  Kowalski said, in his 28 years in the postal service, this has never happened before.