Lincoln Police do a great deal of research and planning to help develop policies and procedures, much of it done by sworn and civilian staff.

That’s where volunteers and interns can help, according to Officer Luke Bonkiewicz.  He says volunteers have gathered information that’s improved LPD’s hiring and retention practices, analyze traffic stop data for racial disparities, and allowed the department to analyze the school resource program.

UNL senior criminal justice major Shane Mueller will be graduating in May says the internship with LPD has reaffirmed his interest in going into law enforcement.

Mueller says he’s analyzing cases for the senior resource project, as part of his duties as an intern.

“I’ll go and do the social media,” he said.  “I’m in charge of doing the 9pm Routine.”

The 9pm Routine, as you may know, is a reminder for Lincoln residents to close and lock garage doors, front and back doors to their homes, make sure their vehicles are locked up before they go to bed.

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer or intern, should go to the Lincoln Police webpage at

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