Save The…….Humans?

People who are interested in saving the world ought to get moving. The chief of the United Nations’ climate agency says there’s only two years left to do it.

While U.N. executive climate secretary Simon Stiell says he realizes setting a deadline sounds “melodramatic,” he adds the actions taken over the next two years are “essential” to saving the world. “We still have a chance to make greenhouse gas emissions tumble with a new generation of national climate plans,” Stiell says. “But we need these stronger plans now.”

Stiell goes on to say the job of saving the world isn’t just for elected officials; everyone needs to take part. “Who exactly has two years to save the world? The answer is every person on this planet,” Stiell says. “More and more people want climate action right across societies and political spectrums, in large part because they are feeling the impacts of the climate crisis in their everyday lives and their household budgets.”

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