Rob Zombie has shared a memory of a run-in with the late Paul Reubens following news of the Pee-wee Herman creator’s death.

In an Instagram post, Zombie recalls working at New York City’s Broadcast Arts studio in 1986, where the first season of Pee-wee’s Playhouse was produced.

“I can still remember [Reubens’] first day in the office,” Zombie writes. “Everyone was waiting for Pee Wee to step off the elevator when the doors opened out stepped Paul looking exactly like his mugshot. He took one look at the live band playing ‘Tequila,’ rolled his eyes and walked straight into a meeting.”

“Everyone was bummed. I thought it was hilarious,” the “Dragula” rock continues. “Only talked to him once. He asked me where the restroom was and I said ‘right over there.’ After the first season they moved the whole show to California and the rest is history.”

Reubens died Sunday, July 30, at age 70 following a private battle with cancer. He was also remembered by Jack White as a “good friend” and “incredible talent.”

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