LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 25)–Gov. Jim Pillen on Wednesday signed LB 1402, which provides the state a workaround to the “school choice” law, LB 753, that is already going to appear as a ballot initiative for Nebraska voters in November.

Support Our Schools Nebraska submitted nearly double the amount of required signatures to put the issue in front of voters. Passed last year, LB753, known as the Opportunity Scholarships Act, diverted public funds to private schools by way of scholarships; LB1402 eliminates LB753 and instead allows the state to earmark $10 million of the General Fund for private school scholarships.

Opponents have called LB1402 an “end-run” around last year’s petition drive to repeal LB753.  The Nebraska State Education Association said last week that it intends to launch another petition drive to overturn LB1402 — and could mount legal action as well.


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