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People For or Against Vaping Banned In Public Places Testified Before Lincoln City Council

LINCOLN–(KFOR Dec. 10)–The Lincoln City Council has a lot of opinions to consider before they vote on a proposed public building vaping ban …and a higher age limit for buying vaping products next week.

On Monday, several people testified for and against change in the 2004 Lincoln Smoking Ban Act that could include vaping.

“Everyone has the right to breathe clean air,” said Nick Faustman with the American Cancer Society, who is for banning vaping inside public places.  “And no one should have to choose between their health and a paycheck.”

Those against the idea include Dave Kendall of Lincoln, who said people don’t need government to tell them whether or where they should vape.

“Vaping in a vape shop seems to me to be a natural thing to do,” Kendall told the Council.  “I don’t know why we would even consider restricting that.  People don’t go to a vape shop thinking they’re not gonna have anything to do with vaping while they’re there.”

The ordinances under consideration would ban vaping in all indoor public places….like the current smoking ban…and would raise the age for buying vaping products to 19.  A final vote is expected at the Council’s Dec. 16 meeting.

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