LINCOLN –(KFOR April 22)–Lincoln Police have a 27-year-old man in jail, after he drove over a thousand miles from North Carolina to Lincoln just to meet a 14-year-old girl he had met in an online chat room.

Officer Angela Sands says Alexander Kingston and the teen had been talking online since March 29, much of the conversation sexual in nature.

Kingston told the child she could live with him in Wisconsin, sleep in his bed, and he requested nude photographs. He told her he would drive to pick her up and take her to another state to live.   Officer Sands says Kingston told her he first wanted to stop at a hotel. Kingston traveled for several hours across multiple states to meet the 14 year old and her friend near 62nd and Vine Street.

Investigators intercepted the communication after the 14-year-old girl’s mother reported it to police. Investigators took Kingston into custody on Saturday.

Officer Sands says Kingston allegedly had condoms, 10 grams of marijuana, and paraphernalia. He was arrested for child enticement with an electronic device and attempted kidnapping.

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