New Years Resolution

I’ve been asked a few times what my New Years resolution is for 2019. It’s the same as it was the previous year. I have none. No resolutions for the new year. I found that I honestly wasn’t able to keep the promise to myself so I just stopped make them. Every day of every year I just try and be better than the previous day. If I decided to try and loose some weight, go to the gym etc then I’ll just do it until I decide to stop. Making changes in your life on a daily basis is a healthier thing for me than trying to set 1 big goal to last the entire year. You know what you should or want to do so just do it. Why wait until a new year. Just wake up, make the choice and get it started. If you fail, start over. If you fail again, start over again. As long as you try, then that should be good enough.    So that’s where I am with new years resolutions. Be better today than yesterday.



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