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New Bill in Nebraska Legislature Proposes Flood Task Force

A new bill in the legislature is trying to create a task force to ensure Nebraska won’t see the same effects from the 2019 flooding again, reports 1011 Now.

LB 1201, was introduced Thursday by Sen. Bruce Bostelman. His constituency ranges from Ashland to Schuyler, some of the areas impacted. He said some areas of his district will never be the same after flooding.

“What those people experienced, and how their life has changed after that, those are the reasons that we need to take this to a place, we just need to make sure we’re doing it right,” said Bostelman. “Take a look at the overall picture for the state of Nebraska. What we do with the city, the county, the NRDs, the state and how that all ties together and if we could tie that together.”

The bill proposes a Flood Mitigation and Planning Task Force. The group would assess how the state responded to the 2019 flooding, and how they could have done better. The force will develop strategies to minimize the chance of this amount of damage again.

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