It all got started 28 years ago when Shauna Groenewold was on bed rest waiting for her daughter to be born, reports our media partner 1011 News. To pass the time, Shauna used a skill that her grandmother had taught her and the feeling she got from giving away handmade baby blankets turned out to be a feeling she’s never wanted to give up.

In the beginning, Shauna labeled her project “100 Blankets of Love.” Today, that label is no longer completely accurate, because Shauna has given away 154 blankets of love, “It seems like if you get a homemade gift especially a blanket for a baby, that becomes their blanket and so just a neat gesture to be able to do that.”

This 1977 graduate of Grand Island Senior High School admits that the exchange of these blankets don’t just benefit the recipients, “It honestly does more for me than the person I give to because it makes me feel good and it makes me be able to share a positive thing with somebody that didn’t expect it.”

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