Mayoral candidate Jeff Kirkpatrick announced a transportation plan he wants to implement if elected as Lincoln’s next mayor. Calling it the “2025 Mobility Plan,” Kirkpatrick is calling for city officials to create innovative, safe, and cost-effective ways to better the transportation throughout Lincoln.

Kirkpatrick highlighted the big projects that are coming up for the city, such as the South Beltway that is scheduled to be finished in 2025, as well as the implementation of an improved traffic signal system.

In a press release Wednesday, Kirkpatrick called for more discussion on the city’s mobility improvement, saying, “We can anticipate a steady population growth of three to four thousand new residents every year. How are the growth patterns going to impact our traffic flow in 2025?”

The mayoral candidate also said if the sales tax that will be on the primary ballot passes, he wants a significant portion dedicated to repairing neighborhood roads.

Kirkpatrick is a democratic candidate for Lincoln’s next mayor. Lincoln’s primaries are slated for next Tuesday, April 9.

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