A disturbance near 25th and “R” on Sunday night lands a 37-year-old man in jail for child abuse and animal cruelty.

Lincoln Police say Renaldo Gonzalez had been arguing with his 25-year-old girlfriend and was slamming doors and yelling, scaring the victim’s 5 year old son. The victim took her 6 month old pitbull puppy outside and Gonzalez tried to block her from re-entering the home.  She tried to squeeze past him but he grew more agitated, picked the puppy up and threw it at the concrete stairs.

The puppy hit the ground and whimpered like it was in pain.  Police say the victim picked the puppy up and ran inside to call 911. Gonzalez was uncooperative with officers and actively resisted efforts to handcuff him.

Gonzalez had an ankle monitor on because he was on parole.

Gonzalez was arrested for child abuse, animal cruelty and resist arrest.