LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 10)–Lincoln Police Chief Michon Morrow on Wednesday gave an update to the Tuesday afternoon homicide near 11th and “G”, where a 52-year-old man was shot in the head and died.

Chief Morrow explained what they have found so far in their investigation that led to the shooting, which shows 52-year-old John Armstrong and 53-year-old Jacob Mulloy had a relationship the past few years and recently, Mulloy had talked to Armstrong going into his home, presumably without permission or uninvited. Morrow says Armstrong was invited on Tuesday to come Mulloy’s home. There was a small physical altercation, where Mulloy claims Armstrong pushed and threatened him. Mulloy then responded by firing a gun at Armstrong.

Chief Morrow says while they are investigating it and even though Armstrong shoved him, Mulloy’s response by firing a gun “was beyond a self-defense measure at that point in time.” As a result, Mulloy was arrested for second-degree murder, indicating there was no intent but happened in the moment.

The full extent of the relationship between Armstrong and Mulloy isn’t known. Chief Morrow says Mulloy has been cooperative with police in the investigation.

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