LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 24)–A couple of recent crimes are part of this week’s Crime Stoppers report from Lincoln Police, including a larceny and shoplifting at a home improvement store and a trespassing case at a north Lincoln home.

LPD forensics technician Becky Keller says in the larceny and shoplifting case from March 23 at the Home Depot off of 70th and Nebraska Parkway, a woman left the store with a purse larger than what she walked in with, and the man left with a cart full of Milwaukee brand tools.  The list of items stolen includes several lithium ion battery packs, a double drill impact kit, and an impact wrench.  Total loss is around $1,500.

A woman seen here on security video walking out of the Home Depot near 70th and Nebraska Parkway without paying for items. (Courtesy of Lincoln Police)
Suspect in a reported larceny/shoplift case from March 23, 2024 at the Home Depot near 70th and Nebraska Parkway. (Courtesy of Lincoln Police)

Keller said the suspects left in a white pickup truck with no license plates.

Then on March 28, LPD was sent out to a home near 33rd and Holdrege, where a trespassing took place.  Keller said the suspect went onto the victim’s porch and sat on a rocking chair.  The suspect dips a hot dog into a drink and left the trash on the porch.  Keller says the suspect then goes and looks around the backyard of the home, wanders around before he walked away on foot.

A suspected trespasser outside a home near 33rd and Holdrege. (Courtesy of Lincoln Police)

If you have details on both of these cases, call Crime Stoppers at 402-475-3600 or visit

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