Lancaster County Sheriff’s Investigators cited 26 year old Scott Bierle for procuring alcohol for a minor and 19 year old Mercedees Smith for minor in possession of alcohol. Bierle, a Lincoln Police Officer, and Smith are in a dating relationship.

On December 21, Chief Bliemeister contacted Sheriff Wagner with information about how a Lincoln Police Officer may have provided alcohol to a minor and asked if the Sheriff’s Office would conduct an investigation into the potential criminal violation while the Lincoln Police Department conducted their internal investigation.

The criminal investigation revealed off-duty Lincoln Police Officers gathered at a local bar on December 16, 2018 in which Bierle purchased alcohol for Smith. There is no indication that any other Lincoln Police Officers who were present were responsible for any criminal violations. There is also no indication Smith was intoxicated or was subjected to any unwelcome conduct.

Bierle has since been placed on modified duty.

Bierle and Smith are scheduled to appear in Lancaster County Court February 13, 2019.


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