Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe reunited with the security guard who famously didn’t recognize him during the band’s performance at last year’s Bloodstock Festival.

You may have already seen the video in which Blythe tries to get onstage during LoG’s set when the security guard, named Rachel, asks for his stage pass. When Blythe says he doesn’t have it, Rachel tries to stop Blythe before learning he’s actually the lead singer of the band. Rachel then apologizes, to which Blythe replies, “Don’t be sorry, you’re doing your job. I like you!”

The video was originally posted to the Bloodstock TikTok, but recently went viral after it was reposted by the Twitter account “videos that make your day better,” which garnered over 9,000 retweets and 21 million views.

In a tweet Tuesday, Lamb of God shared a photo of Blythe and Rachel together again at the band’s recent show in Bristol, England.

“Look who we ran into in Bristol! Rachel from @BLOODSTOCKFEST,” the tweet reads.

Naturally, many of the replies ask if Blythe had his stage pass this time.

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