I’ve got better things to do

I don’t really have a solid opinion of musician Machine Gun Kelly. Some of his music is cool. On a personal level, I think haters spend quite a bit of time hating on him. I know that’s the job they do, but sometimes, take the day off for shit sakes. I don’t know him personally but I would certainly hang out with him in a social setting. He just seems like a good cat.

The latest negatively crafted social media comments are about a new partnership with Schecter Guitars for a new signature model.

The guitar looks like an old school razor blade and comes in metallic silver.  The original list price was $2,169, but Shecter’s website is now sells it for $1,499.

What’s everyone’s hang up? The shape of the guitar has drawn criticism online, with some saying it “glorifies self-harm.”  I’m sorry, I have so many better things to do with my day then troll the internet and spit venom at people that I don’t personally know.

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