I was loaded the entire time

I remember the night it premiered. KISS Meets the Phantom Of The Park October 28,1978.  No other band on the planet could pull off this kind of a movie and I was dead set on watching every single minute of it!

When you’re a kid and KISS is bigger than anything else in the world, you are mesmerized by this cheesy film. At the time I thought it was awesome. Today I still think it’s awesome, but cheesy at the same time. A timeless classic film if you will.

The most interesting part of the whole film was half the band didn’t want to be there. The other half was pissed off because the first half didn’t want to be there. Things were starting to unravel with KISS.  It seemed that Gene and Paul took the film seriously. Peter and Ace were clowns the whole time. Then we find out the Ace was loaded the entire movie. I was disappointed in my heroes.

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