Covid Risk Dial Moved Up — Again — Into Orange

Lincoln, NE (August 17, 2021)  The City-County Health Department has now moved Lancaster County’s Covid 19 Risk Dial in the Orange Category.  It indicates a “High Risk Of Spread”.  The follows reports of more than 100 confirmed cases two of the past three days, and more deaths in the past week.

“I wish we were hear with better news” said Health Director Pat Lopez.  “Today we are reporting 111 additional cases and, sadly, one additional death from Covid 19.”

The positivity rate of tests, and the hospitalization rate have also increased in the past several weeks, she said.  The number of Lancaster County residents in hospitals has doubled recently, from 30 on the first of July to 64 currently, according to Lopez.  “It’s important to know that the Delta variant is driving the increases that we are seeing across the country” she said.  “It’s happening particularly with individuals who are not vaccinated.  She added however, that six people who have died in Lincoln since the first of July were fully vaccinated, and 25% of all new cases are among people who are vaccinated.

She quickly clarified, however, that the case rate among unvaccinated people, per 100,000 residents, is four times that of vaccinated people.  Masks, she said, continue to be recommended for people in indoor settings and crowded outdoor settings.  “Masks are an important way to prevent breakthrough infections” said Lopez.

The Covid Risk Dial has not been in Orange since February.  No new mandates or Directed Health Measures were issued as of Tuesday afternoon’s briefing.


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