City Seeking Site For Mountain Bike Park

Lincoln, NE (January 10, 2023)  The Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department invites residents to view a virtual open house at regarding the Mountain Bike Facilities Master Plan. The site will be available until January 23 and includes a recorded summarization of the planning work completed, an interactive map showing potential park locations, and a comment section.

The Mountain Bike Facilities Master Plan Working Group spent several months reviewing potential locations and narrowed the list to 19 park properties. On the interactive map, each area is marked with elevation lines and features color-coded slope information. Viewers may add their observations at each location.

Results of the Mountain Bike Facility Survey conducted in fall 2022 are also available at the site.

Final recommendations and a draft master plan will be developed and made available in March for public to review and comment. The final draft plan is expected to be presented to the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board at its public meeting in April.

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