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Basic costume? Get spooky every other day!

So if you were in attendance at this weekend’s Hell-o-ween, first of all, thank you. Secondly,  you know I should’ve won the costume contest, but because I’m staff I can’t. Lame. Anyways, Maleficent and Auroro won the group costume, and I guessssss they deserve it.

I didn’t go as obscure or spooky or silly as I usually like to this year… I actually went basic AF. I was the little Mermaid. Yeah, I know. Basic. BUT I DON’T CARE and there’s a small child meta inside me who is VERY excited about the fact that I did this.

The funny thing? I basically HAD all of the materials for this costume without even knowing it. Though I did have a little help from our homies over at Party City (27th & Superior), most of my costume was totally DIY and things I really did have… just lying around.

And BECAUSE I was so basic for Halloween, you can bet your spooky booty that I’m getting scary and wearing black every other day of the month. Stay tuned later this week for some of our latest additions to the haunted Halloween house in which I live.

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