Atreyu has premiered the video for “Come Down,” a track off the band’s latest EP, A Torch in the Dark.

Much like many of Atreyu’s recent visuals, which have included trips to the roller rink and a water aerobics class, the clip for “Come Down” shows the group’s goofier side juxtaposed with the serious lyrics and heavy music. This time around, Brandon Saller and company transform into birds and deliver justice to wrongdoers the best way birds can.

We’ll let you guess what that is, but to see for yourself, you can watch the “Come Down” video streaming now on YouTube.

A Torch in the Dark is one of three EPs Atreyu has released in 2023, along with The Hope of a Spark and The Moment You Find Your Flame. They’ll be combined into an album called The Beautiful Dark of Life, due out December 8.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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