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You’re killn me Matt

There are a few bands that have played Lincoln quite a few times. Some of them we’ve become friends with. Pop Evil is one of those bands. They’ve played Lincoln so many times and have sold out many of those shows at the Bourbon. When they first came out with the single “100 in a 55″ they played Duggans Pub. Earlier in the day they stopped by the studio and the bassist Matt Dirito tried to lift one of my Harley-Davidson jackets. Ok, he really wasn’t going to take it. He was admiring it and giving me shit. We’re both into bikes so it was totally cool. They played many many times after that and I stayed in touch with the band.

Last year Pop Evil was going to play the Bourbon Theatre but the RONA cancelled pretty much everything. I was super stoked when they rebooked the show this year.

Here’s where the NOT STOKED part comes into play. Matt has announced he is leaving the band. Matt’s a solid dude and a solid bassist. When a member of a band leaves, I never try to assume I know why. It could be many, many reasons and as long as the person is happy with the decision, then I’m happy for them. Life is far too short to be unhappy in whatever you do. I wish Matt and Pop Evil the very best moving forward. Still a big fan of the band. Still a big fan of Matt Dirito.

Statement from Matt-

‘The time has come for me to part ways with Pop Evil. The decision has been made that I will not be joining them on their upcoming tour, or any future tours.  Walking away from something I’ve helped build is not easy- but it is the best thing for the band, myself and our respective futures. Pop Evil will continue on and so will I, just not together. The details surrounding my departure are only known by a few people, and respectfully it will remain that way.  I would have loved to play for you all one more time, and I am sorry that it did not work out that way. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your endless support and love. I wish Pop Evil nothing but success in all of their future endeavors and I am thankful for the time that I was able to be part of it.”

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