LINCOLN–(KFOR Mar. 19)–Good work from Lancaster County Sheriff’s deputies and the Nebraska State Patrol airwing on Monday morning, in tracking down a driver that fled from the area of NW 98th and West “O” Street at high-rates of speed.

Chief Deputy Ben Houchin says help from unmarked deputies and the Airwing helped in following 24-year-old Damian Fonseca of York, after he was spotted near SW 40th and West Van Dorn and later tracked down in the area of 17th and Washington.  During a search of the vehicle, deputies found a handgun and a small amount of marijuana.

Houchin says Fonseca was arrested on suspicion of several charges, including felony flee to avoid arrest.  Houchin added that Fonseca apparently was going 75 in a 55 mph zone in certain areas, plus he ran some stop signs. No one was hurt and no damage reported during the pursuit.

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