LINCOLN–(KFOR/News Release Jan. 19)–Officials with the Lincoln-Lancaster County Health Department are monitoring a slow-burning fire in a pile of yard waste at the North 48th Street Solid Waste Management Facility.

If you see or smell smoke in the area, don’t be alarmed. Crews from Lincoln Transportation and Utilities and Lincoln Fire/Rescue are closely monitoring the situation.

“The fire is small and under control,” said Karla Welding, Solid Waste Management Superintendent in a release to KFOR News. “This type of event can sometimes happen when heat is generated during the natural biological decomposition of the leaves and yard waste and can take several weeks to eventually burn itself out.”

Health officials said on Friday morning the air quality in Lincoln is rated as good but could change throughout the day. The Health Department advises residents that smoke from the fire may be detectable in and around Lincoln depending on wind conditions. Residents are encouraged to avoid prolonged activity outdoors if they smell smoke.