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Who’s next?

Wrestling Superstar and Rockstar front man of Fozzy Chris Jericho is a solid guy. Great frontman, great wrestling heal or face and a good interviewer. In a recent interview Chris talks about the future of festival headliners. I’ve thought about this subject many times myself. During the interview Chris asked guest and industry expert Rick Beato “Who’s going to be headlining festivals like Englands Download festival in 10 years?”

Can we still rely on Metallica, AC/DC  and other big acts to continue headlining all of the biggest summer festivals in American and the UK? If those bands decide to retire who’s picking up the headlining spots? What current baby bands will grow to be big acts that can fill stadiums? I don’t know that anyone can actually answer that question. There are a few current bands that I think could fill some stadiums as headliners but the list is pretty small. It’s a real problem. Check out the video and the story from Loudwire



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