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We are not alone

Depression affects almost everyone at some point. I’ve struggled with it for many years. It’s debilitating and sometimes sticks with you for way longer than you want. Last years Covid situation affected so many people. Rockstars ,Actors and normal every day people had issues. NEVER think you’re alone because YOU’RE NOT. Killswitch Engage’s Adam D recently opened up about his struggle in 2020.

“Initially I was grateful for the time off, but then it all changed.”  In the beginning it was like “This is gonna be great.” After awhile he said he realized the Pandemic wasn’t going anywhere and then it was “Oh no, now what?”

While Adam was stuck at home, his girlfriend was working all day and it made him feel like the “loneliness started eating him alive.  IF that weren’t enough, Adam ended up in the hospital with an injured back. “That year was the worst of my life-a hundred percent. I’d never gone to such a dark place.

I’m not happy that Adam went to this dark place, but I am happy that he’s talking about it. Those of us that have experienced this feeling can now understand that we are not alone.



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