LINCOLN–(KFOR Apr. 12)–The parents of a Waverly High School student, who had a pair of track shoes taken from a locker sometime between Monday night and early Tuesday morning, happened to find them while trying to get another pair of shoes before an upcoming meet.

The shoes reported missing were found by the parents at Play It Again Sports off of 48th and Vine, thinking they were brand new shoes at first.  Once they brought them back home, they realized those were the shoes that were stolen, according to Lancaster County Sheriff’s Captain John Vik.  A school resource officer did follow up work and found out the shoes were stolen by the night custodian, a 29-year-old Lincoln man.

Vik says other stolen items, including five pairs of athletic shoes, a lunchbox and a chef’s knife, were also recovered.  The total loss was close to $400.  Vik says the custodian was cited for misdemeanor theft and it’s not clear if the man was still employed at Waverly High School.


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