LINCOLN–(KFOR Dec. 18)–A Lincoln Police officer helped spot the suspect vehicle involved in an officer involved shooting Sunday morning near 19th and Knox.

The vehicle was spotted shortly after 10pm Sunday parked in the street in the area of 9th and Manatt.  Acting Chief Michon Morrow said the car was parked in the street, when an officer drove by and found it.

It’s unclear, though, what led to the initial traffic stop before the incident, but Chief Morrow said there were no license plates on the vehicle.

“As the officer approached and as we could see in looking at video of the incident, you can see in-transits, as you get closer,” Chief Morrow told reporters on Monday.  “I suspect that, from a distance, in initiating a traffic stop that those were not visible.”

The investigation has revealed that the suspect car fled the initial traffic stop near 19th and Knox, pulled into an apartment complex, before it hit a retaining wall in a dead end and a vehicle parked below in another lot. The car drove toward the officer, who was out of the cruiser at that point, and two shots were fired that hit the hood of the car. It’s presumed the suspect was not injured.

The car hit some large landscaping rocks before driving away and the officer remains on paid administrative leave.

While the vehicle has been found and police have a suspect in mind, no arrest has been made.