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Vapor Product Sales to Minors Increases

City and County agencies that make up the Tobacco Free Lancaster County Coalition announced that vapor product sales to minors in Lancaster County increased from 5.1 percent in 2018 to 7.25 percent in 2019.

“Our local retailers have done fairly a good job not selling to youth under the age of 19, but there is a future concern with an increase in sales to minors this past year,” said LSO Sergeant Mike Peschong.

Rebekah Willoughby, LLCHD Health Educator said, “It’s great to all be working in a collaborative manner to decrease in vapor sales to minors, however, we know youth get most of their vapor and tobacco products from social sources, and we urge everyone to be diligent in not providing them to youth under the age of 19.”

A 2019 Lancaster County Youth Risk Behavior Survey indicates nearly 78 percent of youth using vapor products obtain them from social sources, such as borrowing products, giving money to someone else to purchase, and receiving products from someone of legal age.

Purchasing directly in a retail location is the next most common way youth obtain vapor products.

The Tobacco Free Lancaster County Coalition’s priorities are to keep youth from starting to use tobacco, reduce access to tobacco products, and eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke and aerosol.

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