Over the weekend, I made it to a couple concerts here in Lincoln and made my way to Kearney for a wedding on Saturday.

Now, I’m sure I’ll catch some heat from the metalheads out there about the show I went to on Friday, but let me say that I went anyway and actually enjoyed myself. Cardi B at Pinnacle Bank Arena. My fiance is a big fan of Cardi B and had been really excited for the show for quite a while, and I ended up actually having fun myself.

I’m still not a huge fan of the music, but the show was pretty cool. What I liked about the show was the production of the stage, Cardi B’s performance itself, and the energy of the crowd. It was a sold-out show at PBA, and everyone from top to bottom, front to back was dancing and singing along the entire time we were there. It was actually a fun show and experience for me because I don’t normally go to pop and hip-hop shows, but I’m starting to think I might start going to more just for the shows and not necessarily for the music.

On Saturday, the two of us made it over to Kearney for an old friend of mine’s wedding night.

The ceremony was very short and sweet at a church just outside of Kearney, and we met up with some more friends of mine and made our way to the reception back in town at a banquet hall. I had a great time catching up with everyone that I hadn’t seen for quite a while – some of them almost five years! We had a great time dancing and listening to music and celebrating their marriage and spending time with some old friends.

Then on Sunday, my friend and I made it out to Pinewood Bowl here in Lincoln for the Tenacious D show!

Less than a minute after we found our seats, a guy in the row directly behind us started having some sort of medical episode and I’m still not exactly sure what it was. Luckily, his friend noticed that he had passed out and called for medics to come help him. Everyone in our section cleared out a space for the EMTs to come in and take care of him and take him out on a wheelchair. I haven’t heard anything about his condition, but I truly hope he’s okay. It was definitely a scary moment for everyone around him.

Tenacious D opened with a few songs from their latest album, Post-Apocalypto, and continued their set with hits from their previous albums Rise of the Fenix, The Pick of Destiny, and their self-titled debut album. My favorites are mostly from The Pick of Destiny because my brother and I used to watch the movie over and over again when we were younger (and probably too young to watch it). They played Kickapoo, Dude (I Totally Miss You), Beelzeboss, and The Metal from that album and also broke out Tribute and another song that I can’t name on this platform, but if you’re a fan of the band, you probably know which song I’m talking about!

It was a great weekend spending time with friends and going to some great shows!

Thanks for reading! Much love,

Brady \m/ (>.<) \m/

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