Trivium frontman Matt Heafy unexpectedly found himself in the pit for his band’s concert in Dallas on Wednesday when he jumped into the audience to assist a falling crowd surfer.

“Don’t ever say we don’t love our fans,” Heafy writes in an Instagram post alongside video of the moment. “Absent security in that spot – dude almost broke his neck – and I had to jump down and catch him!”

In the accompanying video, you can see bassist Paolo Gregoletto stop the rest of the band from playing as he calls for the security team to address the situation.

“Our singer’s not gonna be jumping off the stage to catch people tonight,” Gregoletto said, though by that time Heafy was already in the crowd.

The Dallas show was part of Trivium’s co-headlining tour with Beartooth, which wraps June 15 in Seattle.

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