It’s been a while since Five Finger Death Punch was an opening band, and Metallica may be the only act to get them to reprise that role.

“We have been an arena band for a few years now,” guitarist Zoltan Bathory tells ABC Audio. “So we would not open for a band at this point, it makes no sense.”

But, as Bathory puts it, “Metallica’s Metallica.”

“Metallica is more than a band at this point,” Bathory says. “To me, that’s the crystallization of this [heavy metal] genre.”

FFDP is among the openers on the bill for Metallica’s ongoing M72 tour, supporting their new album, 72 Seasons. Their next show with the “Enter Sandman” legends takes place Sunday, November 5, in St. Louis.

“When we tour, we have a giant infrastructure ourselves, but … [the M72 tour] is like five times that,” Bathory laughs. “It’s absolute insanity.”

“You have to see it to believe it,” he adds. “It’s massive. It’s moving a city, almost, like every week.”

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