VALLEY–(KFOR May 15)–Clean up continues from tornadoes that struck portions of northern and northeast Nebraska on Friday afternoon, while assessment teams from the National Weather Service are still investigating reports of twisters in the far southeast part of the state.

As many as five tornadoes were associated with the storm that moved north-northeast across Dodge and Burt counties. There are indications of a possible multiple vortex tornado during a portion of the storm while in northern Dodge county. Tornado damage in the five tornadoes ranged from EF-0 to EF-2. As many as 15 tornadoes were confirmed across the state from Friday.

The National Weather Service says a third team investigated damage reports in parts of Stanton, Colfax, Platte, Madison, Pierce, and Boone counties.  The preliminary survey indicates there were five EF-1 tornadoes and 2 EF-unknowns in Stanton, Madison, Pierce, Boone, and Platte counties.

A downburst with up to 70 mph winds was also noted in Pilger, NE.