If you’ve blasted metal at your grandparents’ house, then you have an idea of how Sevendust made their new album, Truth Killer.

As frontman Lajon Witherspoon tells ABC Audio, he and his bandmates started writing what became Truth Killer at his family’s farmhouse in Missouri.

“It was a magical experience to have the band set up in grandma and grandpa’s room and look at ’em and have the drums in there, the bass, the guitar,” Witherspoon says. “Sevendust, in grandma’s room, just writing songs every day. It was just a special feeling.”

Truth Killer is Sevendust’s 14th studio effort and is stuffed with the kind of metal bangers they’ve been producing over the past 25 years. Opening track “I Might Let the Devil Win,” though, might throw listeners for a loop.

“I think it was crazy, I think people are shocked, people are gonna be, like, weirded out,” Witherspoon says of the slow-burning tune. “But, to me, that’s probably one of our heavier songs that we’ve ever done before, in a sense.”

“The way that it was built up, the way it was written, the way that it climaxes at the end,” he continues. “I love it, and I think it was a bold move. I feel like it shows that we’re not afraid to just step outside the box at the point of our career that we’re in.”

On the lyric front, the Truth Killer title and its cover artwork — which features a child watching TV while covering their ears — hint at the album’s theme.

“Anyone can be a truth killer,” Witherspoon says. “There’s a lot of division. I feel like we touch base on a lot of these things on this album without having to try to be politically correct or incorrect.”

Truth Killer is out now.

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