Count the Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler as among the Nickelback defenders.

The NBA star is apparently a fan of the much-maligned Canadian rockers and will play their music as part of his role as the team DJ.

Speaking with ESPN, Butler’s Heat teammate Udonis Haslem recalls him breaking down the meaning of a particular ‘Back tune after an overtime loss to the Orlando Magic in March.

“He’s just explaining the song to me,” Haslem says. “A lot of times the reason why people might diss or whatever is ’cause they don’t understand the song or they don’t even give it a chance to listen. They just immediately s*** on it.”

Haslem continues, “Once [Butler] started telling me what [frontman Chad Kroeger] was saying and I started listening to it, then it all made sense.”

Along with Nickelback, Butler’s DJ selections include a lot of country music. Perhaps he’d be interested in Nickelback’s upcoming tour with Brantley Gilbert, which kicks off in June.

Butler and the Heat are currently up 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Boston Celtics. Game 5 takes place Thursday, May 25.

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