They’ve got the meats!!!
Meal of burger and chips with a strawberry milkshake with ketchup and mustard bottles in the background and a fireplace in the distance

You would think i’m a foodie as much as I post about food. Here’s something interesting. Arby’s is bringing back the Diablo Dare Challenge.  The announcement came yesterday that Army’s has two new spicy menu offerings, the new Diablo Roast Beef sandwich, and new Diablo Loaded Fries.

The Diablo Roast Beef Sandwich features sliced roast beef, fiery hot seasoning,  jalapenos, and Diablo BBQ sauce with melted cheddar cheese on a red chipotle bun. Not your thing? Maybe the crispy chicken version is your sandwich.

Here’s another option Arby’s has for you. The Diablo Loaded Fries. These fries aren’t your regular boring french fries, they’re  covered in cheddar cheese sauce, fire roasted jalapenos, fiery hot seasoning, and Diablo BBQ sauce.

Once you’ve started chewing the first bite, you’ll realize that you may need something to cool things down a bit. Fortunately the Sandwich and Diablo Fries come with a free extingui-shake.

IF you’re up for a challenge, maybe give the Diablo Dare Challenge a try. The Arby’s Diablo Dare Challenge on TikTok  encourages fans to see how much of the sandwich or fries they can take eat reaching for a cool down with the “extingui-shake.”

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